Achieve Radiant Skin With
Body Sugaring Calgary

Achieve Radiant Skin With Va Va Smooth

Welcome to Va Va Smooth, a premier home-based business for body sugaring in Calgary. Located in the heart of Alberta, our studio, nestled within a cozy residential setting, is dedicated to helping you achieve smooth and radiant skin through the art of body sugaring. Experience the convenience of our mobile services where we bring the smoothness to you, with a starting mobile fee of $15.00.* (subject to change based on location).

As the business owner, I am highly skilled and experienced, committed to providing you with a comfortable and personalized experience. You can expect exceptional services tailored to meet your needs.

Discover the sweet secret to silky-smooth skin at Va Va Smooth, where beauty and relaxation intersect in the intimate setting of a home-based business. Rest assured that every Va Va Smooth appointment will be both effective and enjoyable, as I am dedicated to ensuring your journey to flawlessly smooth skin is a truly delightful experience.

Body Sugaring in Calgary

Facial Sugaring

Whether you need grooming for your brows, lip, chin, sideburns, or a full face treatment, we have you covered. 

Upper Body Sugaring

Say goodbye to underarm hair with our underarm sugaring service. We also provide options for half arms, full arms, and combinations such as underarms with half arms or underarms with full arms.

Bikini & Brazilian Sugaring

Our bikini area sugaring options include Bikini, Bikini Plus, Brazilian, Brazilian with strip, and Brazilian maintenance. Choose the level of coverage that suits your preferences and feel confident all year round.

Leg Sugaring

Achieve silky-smooth legs with our leg sugaring treatments. Choose between lower legs, upper legs, or full legs and customize your experience with combinations including bikini, bikini plus, Brazilian, or Brazilian strip options.

Mobile Sugaring Services In Calgary

Experience hassle-free, at-home sugaring with our mobile services. Our experts come to you, starting at just $15.00 (price varies by location), ensuring professional results in your chosen space.

Preparing For Your Sugaring Appointment

To ensure the best sugaring experience, kindly arrive at your appointment with clean and dry skin. It’s recommended to gently exfoliate your skin 48 hours prior to your appointment, but please avoid doing so within 24 hours or on the same day as your service. Also, refrain from applying lotions, oils, deodorants, fragrances, or any other skincare products before your appointment. Here are some important guidelines to keep in mind: Please avoid the following activities 24 hours prior to your service:
    • Using a tanning bed with UV lights
    • Getting a spray tan
    • Exfoliating with abrasive scrubs or using Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) chemical serums
For the next 24 hours following your sugaring service, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Avoid activities that may cause friction or sweating.
  • Refrain from using lotions, serums, or other skincare treatments on the treated area.
  • Avoid swimming or using communal bathing areas.
  • Wait 48 hours before resuming exfoliation in the treated area.
These precautions are necessary to ensure the best possible results and maintain the longevity of your smooth skin. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us, and we appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines.
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